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Custom Bulletin Boards Individually or in Groups 

 Originality That's Affordable


Individual Bulletin Boards

Click here to see a brief video showing some of our unique Bulletin and Note Boards


We can create boards with either CORK or METAL surfaces in sizes up to 48" X 60" and our boards can include built-in hanging cleats that make it easier to get your board up on the wall as well as making it much easier to use.  The hanging cleat will keep your board fixed against the wall far better than hooks and wires.  We can cover our boards with over 200 different Linens, Silks, Suede and other fine fabrics and we also offer an assortment of custom pins and magnets to go with our boards.  We make individual boards in lots of shapes and sizes and these boards can include extra features such as photo windows, or small shelves.  We have included a few pictures below that show some of the variety that we offer.  You can also view a short video with more info on this product by clicking here




Above:  We have wrapped one of our Display Panels in our Charcoal Gray Linen #311 and built a cleat into the back of the box that will allow this board to be hung easily without additional hardware.  We have inset four Cork Boards into the surface and wrapped them all with our fabric #380.  Also included in this image are several of our custom hardwood "pins"(in this case they are made from pieces of Sapele).  Another one-of-a-kind Board that made this customer very happy.  


Below is another "Inset style" Bulletin Board this time with one of our Sapele Faux Float Frames around it. 






Below is one of my favorite combination pieces which integrates art by our friend Carlos Castrejon and both metal surface and cork surface boards wrapped in linen and suede..  Carlos did his work on one of our new Box Panels, which like the assortment of Bulletin Boards pictured here, has a built-in hanging cleat, so it was easy to get the whole arrangement up on my wall.  We provide you with Wall Cleats that are compatible with the Cleats built into our Box Panels, Display Panels and Bulletin Boards at no additional cost so no other hanging hardware is required.  Our Cleat system will hold more weight than any other type of hanging approach and will also keep the Bulletin Boards in place when we are placing and removing notes from their surface.  
















Above:  Fabric wrapped Cork Board with Canarywood SLAT moulding

Next Two Images Below:   Multi-Panel Note Boards with Custom Pins and SLAT Moulding







Above -three suede covered boards with one showing the hanging cleat built into its base. These boards and the ones shown below also include simple Canarywood "SLATS" installed around their edges to give a more finished look. 







Above:  This is an unconventional sort of board we made for someone who wanted all of the following:

1)  a cork surface they could attach notes to   2) a flat area on top that would allow them to set down a cup of coffee  and 3) the ability to have the whole thing rotate around.  Simple right?   The basic shape is a cylindrical oval with cork running all the way around the sides.  Covering the cork is a nubby black linen that tucks into a slot running vertically down the right side and is covered with a piece of Canarywood so no seams are exposed.  The top of this "board" is a 3/8" piece of Canarywood with a polyurethane finish capable of handling a hot cup of coffee or a favorite plant.  Beneath the whole thing is a small "lazy susan" type swivel plate that is stable yet allows the whole thing to rotate 360 degrees.  It is about 18 inches tall and cost this customer less than $100 for an absolutely unique "bulletin board".  Uncommon things are our specialty.



Bulletin Board Packages - Arrays and Clusters

Probably the most interesting new way of working with Bulletin Boards is using them in groups.  We define our two main types of groups in the following way:

ARRAYS -  are sets of boards where all the pieces are either done in the BB1 or BB3 style (often some of both are included with each style covered in a different fabric) but each of the boards includes its own hanging cleat so they can be arranged any way that you might wish.  This style allows you to cover almost any type of space, it is flexible, and in some variations can become a work of Art all in itself.  For example, as in the first image below, where we have included images from Elizabeth Sullivan, the boards and art are intermixed throughout the space.  Fabrics coordinate with Art and special touches like the custom pins and magnet holders incorporate colors from the Art.  What we like about these multi-piece Arrays is their infinite flexibility. 


 Unlike so many "bulletin boards" sold in the chain stores, each of these components is made to last.  They can be arranged one way now but easily reconfigured to use for another space in the future.  There is no way to put a value on the difference between working with boards that stay put as you put things on their surface and remove them.  How many times have you hung one of those cheap cork boards on a couple of hooks only to have the whole board lifting off the wall as you go to pull out a pin.  Our boards sit flush against the wall and remain there as the board is used, even when the board covers the entire wall.  The free wall cleat provided with each board is easy to install and can hold weight like no other hanger.  For most boards less than 24" X 36" three drywall screws is all it takes to hang your board securely.   

Above:  An Array from my own office.  This is what the wall looked like just after we repainted last year and of course before I actually began to make use of the set up.  The boards with the black suede are cork surfaces while the mocha suede covered boards have metal beneath their fabric.  We gave our pins small square wood holders while the rare earth magnets are inside oval cylinders of the same walnut wood.  The boards all include raw SLATS of Walnut to "finish them off".  I love having this great looking ARRAY covering the space directly behind my computer where I can easily make use of the full 60" width and 30" height covered by this combination of boards.  A set like this would run just under $300 including all the custom pins, cleats and trim - unique is well within your budget at Raphael's. 



CLUSTERS- offer a different way of combining multiple boards.  In this sort of arrangement you have a defined space, for example 24" tall by 36" wide that you wish to fill.  To create a CLUSTER we first make a Display Panel that is the size you wish to cover.  This Panel is covered with the background fabric  you choose and includes its own hanging cleat.  You can then take an assortment of different sized boards, often with some of both Cork and Metal surfaces, with the corks covered in one fabric and the metals in another, an these boards are then attached to the background surface with screws. All of the individual boards have their fabrics wrapped so they look clean sitting on the background and you can use this product with or without a frame.  


In the CLUSTER arrangements shown below just three or four screws hold the entire piece in place so they are much easier to get up fast and just as easy to remove.  The ARRAYS shown above will require some time to arrange and to hang but may be easier to reconfigure for future use.  Your clients can decide which is more important.  





Below we have included layouts for additional ARRAYS and CLUSTERS but you can also design one that works for you.  To receive a quote for a custom ARRAY or CLUSTER we just need a drawing that shows the individual sizes you need and in the case of the CLUSTER how they will be arranged 

on what size Display Board, as well as the fabrics covering the components.  If you have fabrics of your own that you would like to use to cover the parts  we can also provide the boards without fabric so you can cover them.  You can see a list of some of the "standard sizes" available  for use as individually or in sets by clicking here.  You can also see a few of our pre-configured sets by clicking here.  Choosing either "standard size components or pre-configured sets can greatly reduce your costs. 










More Bulletin Board Variations


  Our Fabfoto Board is designed for situations where you would like to quickly display a series of  standard sized photos in a nice arrangement.  The board can be configured to hold any number of windows in whatever mix of sizes you prefer.  The piece shown above includes "windows" for six 5 x 7 photos along the two sides and two 8 X 10s across the top.  Beneath the fabric in each of these "windows" are metal strips.  We provide a set of photomounts  (the white pieces sitting in the windows on the right side of the board and shown in side view below) with rare earth magnets built into their backs to fit each of the windows.  To display your photos all you have to do is remove the paper covering from their top to expose an adhesive surface, lay your photo face down, and then place the photo mount onto the back of your photo.  The photo mount is just slightly smaller than the photo so you can more easily get your image aligned on the photo mount. Trim the photo using blade so the edge is flush with the mount and it is ready to display.  The black area in the center of the board is a metal surface covered with fabric you can use to feature a particular image, display it temporarily, or attach notes or comments.  These boards are great for showing pictures of the staff on duty, items for sale, or all  sorts of similar situations.  We provide two Photo Mounts for every window as a part of the initial package and additional Photo Mounts are available at a cost of less than $2.00 each.  We can create a Fabfoto Board in almost an size you need.


Below: Side view of a "photo mount" - note the reverse beveled edges that allow it to fit into the windows more cleanly







   If you need additional information on any of these products please give us a call or contact us at the following e-mail address: