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We have placed copies of most of our more important documents on this page - everything from "How Do I." to "How Much Is ...", in PDF form below.  You can click on the link right below the description of each document to open it in a pdf that can easily be printed out or downloaded.   Be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom if you are looking for our current Price List.  We are in the middle of our most comprehensive update in many years and expect to have the bulk of the updating completed by early October.  This will include the introduction of numerous additional product lines, most of which we have been making for the past few years on a special quote basis.  Until you have a chance to see these items on our Price List you really won't believe the way the business has been evolving over the past decade.  Unfortunately we have always been much better at creating and delivering these products than we are at generating the sales literature and pricing structures to support them.  Hopefully most of this updating will be finished within the next few weeks. We have been consulting with the Industry's major software providers as we organize this information so we expect they will also be able to update their records very soon.  We apologize for the inconvenience while we are updating this information but would rather get it done right rather than done fast.  

In the meanwhile we have broken the "Price List" into a number of separate components and include a list of these sections at the bottom of the page along with a note about whether the information has been updated or is still "in the works". Separate links are provided to each of the major parts so you can access what you need in the meanwhile.  We are also very happy to provide quotes on any product you need.  You can either call us or send an e-mail to the following e-mail address:  We will get back to you within 24 hrs with a written quote or may be able to call you sooner if you request it.

Pricing documents are only available to current customers and require that you get this quarter's password to open it.  If you still have questions after reviewing any of the documents below, please feel free to contact us either through the email utility within this site or by phone at 800-881-5191. Our customer service staff is ready to help in any way they can. 



HOW DO I . . .


Best Practices we strongly recommend a quick review of this information before placing your first order.  This compendium of tips and tricks will help you avoid problems and get the most out of working with fabrics and liners.  You can spend $. 175 to attend a workshop or seminar that doesn't cover half this much useful info, or you can receive it here, free of charge, and find something else to spend your money on.  

                                   Best Practices                                                    


Creating Continuous Covered Liners:  creating a seamless liner is not that difficult with our step-by-step instructions.  If you have never covered a liner yourself, call us and ask for Scott or Dawn.  One of us would be happy to walk you through the process over the phone and answer any questions you may have.  Remember, we can send you the parts to create continuous-covered liners yourself or we can provide you with the finished product ready to put your frame around.

Creating Continuous Covered Liners


Miracle Muck FAQ:  answers the many questions about how to use this "Miracle" product.  If you haven't tried our top selling multi-purpose framing adhesive yet, we'd be happy to include a free sample pint of Miracle Muck along with your next order.

                               Miracle Muck Commonly Asked Questions

                               Interesting Facts About Miracle Muck

                         Tips For Working With Miracle Muck


       All of the forms below are Interactive PDF documents.  You can open any one in Adobe Acrobat and just click on the fields to activate them and fill in the information.  When all of the necessary fields have been completed just click on the submit button on the top right hand side and follow any instructions that appear  (it may be different for each operating system).  If you have a version of Adobe Acrobat that is too old for completing interactive forms you can print the form you need, fill it in by hand and fax it to 888-229-5191 or scan and email it to

Resale Card -  Raphael's sells wholesale to the trade ONLY!  If your company is located in the state of California, we must have a completed resale certificate on file before we can process any orders. 
Please fill out the form below:

California Resale Certificate


Open an Account  or Use a Credit Card  complete and return either one of these forms to apply for an open account with Raphael's or to give us permission to charge your credit card when an order ships.

Open Account Credit Application

Credit Card Authorization Form

Ordering Forms:  These forms have been designed to assist you with the ordering process.

Once again, they can be filled out and submitted through Adobe Acrobat or printed and

completed by hand. 

For Standard Orders of: Fabric - Length, Chop and Continuous Liners and Fillets:

For Fabric Wrapped Mat or Panel Liners:

                                                                             Mat and Panel Order Form

Profile Drawings:  These pages include drawings all of our Liner and Stretcher Bar Profiles including the NEW Ultralight LDF profiles.  Please refer to the Panel Edge Detail sheet to see the various standard edges we produce on the custom made panels.


     Basswood Liner Profiles                 Panel Liner Edge Details           Ultralight Liner Profiles        Deep Wedges   



Our Cumulative Discontinued List  June 2016

 Don't be concerned when you see the size of this list as it contains ALL of the Fabrics discontinued over the past 10 years.  The ones we have phased out within the past 12 months are the ones whose numbers are highlighted in gray. Also keep in mind that because of the way we dedicate rolls of fabric for use in making Liners, it is often the case that we can produce Liners with a given Fabric long after we show no yardage available.


Discontinued as of Aug 2015   

Our June 2016 Price List Sections

Administrative Notes

Fabric Yardage, Fabric-Covered Mat and Panel PricingPrice List June 2016 Raw and Cov Liners, Spacers, Wedges.pdf

Pricing for the World's Largest Selection of Raw and Fabric-Covered Liners