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The Desk Cube Rotating Noteboard

Four metal surfaces covered with fabric go together to form a really clean looking 
note board.  We can include a beautiful hardwood top like the 2nd image  below  or you can go with the basic 
fabric-covered top like the one made for an Ohio State fan below.  In either case the "cube" is mounted to  a durable 
"lazy susan" turntable that allows it to rotate easily so you can use all four of the vertical faces for your notes.  We make 
these cubes in three sizes:  8" X 8" X 8", 12" X 12" X 12", and a more vertical version that is 8" X 8" at its base but rises to 12" 
in height.  Each of our "cubes" (even the one that is not actually a cube) comes with four hardwood magnet holders that 
are 1" tall and have a diameter of 5/8"easy to grab but are capable of holding notes, photos, even car keys firmly in place.