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Stretcher Bars in any Shape or Size
No company does more with Stretcher Bars than Raphael's.  Whether you're looking for one of the stock profiles shown above or need us to create a custom shape more like the ones shown further down the page, we've become the go to source for thousands of Artists and Framers across the country.   
Basswood and Poplar Stretcher Bars
After experimenting with some of the less expensive foreign species for use in making our of Stretcher Bars we have chosen to go with finger-joined Basswood and Poplar as our primary substrates for these profiles.  These 8 ft 10 inch lengths can be shipped without being cut down via UPS or FedEx at very good rates. Because both species are domestically grown and have very similar characteristics we tend to treat them as equally desirable for use as Stretcher Bar stock, but by being willing to work with either species we have been able to keep our pricing more stable.  We stock all of the dozen profiles shown above and sell them just about any way you need them. Cut and Joined, Chop,  by the Bundle, or by the Box.  If you need simple modifications, like the back channel created  to hold a backing board shown below, they can be done for a small upcharge. 

Customizing Your Stretcher Bar

We can make simple modifications like the one shown to the left designed to hold a backing board for just a small upcharge. 
We can also produce custom shaped Oval or Circular Stretcher Bars (like the ones shown below) in virtually any size you need from our Ultralight LDF stock.
The two images below represent just a couple of the custom Stretcher Bar designs we have created for customers.  We can produce custom shapes that include built in crossbars up to a maximum outside size of approximately 48" X 96".  Our Custom Stretcher Bars are produced from a solid piece of Ultralight LDF that can be up to one inch thick or have an outside size of up to 48" X 96".   If you don't wish to stretch the canvas yourself we can deliver a finished product that includes the linen or cotton canvas of your choice.   
Special Deal on Joined Stretcher Bar frames
If you don't have the time or space to create your own stretcher bar frames, let us quote your next order for a dozen or more frames.  If you order a dozen or more frames from the same profile regardless of their sizes we'll knock 50% off of the joining charge and you'll also save money on the shipping.  We'll take an additional 10% off the joining charge for each dozen beyond that first dozen that you order from the same profile.