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About Us
Raphael's has been in the business of providing customizing components such as Fabric Yardage and Liners to the Framing Industry since 1976.  Our unique focus on these products has allowed us to offer an unprecedented selection of accents and embellishments that are used by thousands of Framers nationwide. 
As the country's leading manufacturer of Liners, Raphael's has also been the primary source of innovation within this category.  With the introduction of our revolutionary new substrate, Ultralight LDF, and the product we refer to as "Panel Liners" in 2008,  we have made it possible for Liners to be used in a nearly inifinite variety of situations.  Liners are no longer limited to being produced in stick form.  Now they can take any shape, have any number of openings, and include or not include rabbets.  Today Liners are used as frequently with paper Art as they are with Canvas Art, and Panel Liners availability in sizes up to 48" X 96" allows them to frequently replace Mats on larger projects.  Because Panel Liners are offered in thickness' ranging from 1/4" up to 1" they can also add a depth and dimension that is far more dramatic than traditional Matting.  
We think of the space between the Art and the Frame as the place where Framers can best demonstrate the value of Custom Framing to their customers.  This is the place where you make things more personal, more unique, and in doing so develop customer loyalty and confidence in your skills.  This is where you set yourself apart from the big box retailers and insure your financial success.  As we say in our logo, "Between the Art and the Frame, you're in Raphael's country!"